Counselling is confidential, compassionate and offers a safe place for people to explore concerns and problems they are facing in life. Sometimes we can get to a point where life just seems unmanageable and the longer we allow this to progress, the worse it becomes.
Well meaning friends and relatives can be valuable in helping you through difficult times through talking and advice giving etc. But sometimes you may need a little more than just advice. Professional counselling is not based on advice giving but is focused on facilitating  an environment where you can explore and discuss what is relevant and important for you.

As a professional helper, I have had many years of first hand experience, formal training and counselling experience.
Having said that, I am always learning. My clients are constantly teaching me things about life and experience which is very valuable to me as I increase my awareness as a counselor and ability to be more helpful to my clients.
I do this kind of work because I have a strong desire to help. Sometimes this means spending a lot of time listening and allowing the client to create awareness of themselves without being constantly interrupted or advised. Sometimes there is a more action orientated approach such as Structured Relapse Prevention in dealing with addictions. Sometimes a client is experiencing a great loss, or anxiety and depression or simply is unhappy with the direction of their life and would like to explore options.

We are all going through challenges in life and sometimes this can be overwhelming. Providing an environment where you are allowed to be you is a huge step towards revealing the true self within you. Many times well meaning friends presume to know what is best for you, family members advise on the right direction to go. But the truth is, only YOU know what that is. Allowing you to explore this openly is what counselling offers.

If you would like to discuss your situation, please send me an email or a phone call and we can set up a time that works for us to meet. The process of change begins by taking the first step.