Anger Management

Do you have an anger problem?

  1. How well do you handle criticism?
    Usually people who are dealing with anger management issues, have trouble dealing with criticism. They are quick to get defensive when someone disagrees with them and becomes easily irritated.
  2. People dealing with anger problems usually always have to win an argument.
    They are usually unable to control their temper, must have the last word and won’t back down. The argument is more about winning then it is about the problem discussed.
  3. They have a very short fuse.
    Angry people usually have very little patience and will explode at the drop of a hat. Unable to control outbursts usually indicates an anger problem.
  4. People with anger problems are good at holding grudges.
    Hanging on to resentment and bitterness with no tolerance for grace are good indicators of an anger problem. They have difficulty forgiving and will constantly bring the offence and try and put others down.
  5. What do others say?A good indicator of having an anger problems is when other people point it out. If people close to you (friends, family, spouse, children) comment that you have an anger problem, then they may have a point.

L.Freer Counselling offers an Anger Management Course which is designed to be completed in about 5-6 sessions. Once completed a Certificate of Completion is awarded.


As indicated in the Costs page, each Skype counselling session is $75 if done through Skype. In office sessions are $90.

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