Code of Ethics

As a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, I commit:

  1. To protect the welfare of my clients and make reasonable efforts to ensure my services are used appropriately.
  2. To treat all clients with respect and unconditional acceptance.
  3. To consistently complete a comprehensive assessment at the beginning of the counselling relationship.
  4. To never exploit a clients trust and to avoid dual relationships.
  5. To report the sexual or physical abuse of a child to the authorities.
  6. To avoid overt or suggested sexual contact with clients and former clients.
  7. To terminate counselling services when appropriate or requested by the client(s).
  8. To respect the right of clients to autonomy.
  9. To provide a private and safe setting for counselling.
  10. To request payment for service, only after consent for service has been given.
  11. To ensure proper self-care.
  12. To maintain healthy boundaries with clients.
  13. To obtain assistance and refer clients when appropriate.
  14. To clearly disclose confidentiality limitations, facts about services offered and financial policies.
  15. To be aware of and comply with relevant laws for the delivery of counseling services, including electronic services.
  16. To maintain client confidentiality, except where there is written consent, danger to self or others or as required by law.
  17. To carefully assess, develop a safety plan, and document the potential suicidal or homicidal behavior by a client.
  18. To maintain accurate and adequate session and financial records.
  19. To continue to grow and develop as a professional counsellor.
  20. To avoid conflicts of interest.
  21. To avoid giving or receiving gifts of substantial value.
  22. To be aware of the influence my public statements may have.
  23. To deal appropriately with the unethical behaviour of another counsellor.
  24. To accept that I cannot realistically expect to succeed with every client.
  25. To promote my services professionally and accurately.