Online Therapy

Online Counselling offers either a video session or email correspondence.
Video sessions are usually an hour long and are booked and set up through either an email or phone call.
Email, once set up, is designed to work for you whenever you need it. You can send as many emails as you like. You can expect a reply a minimum of once per day during regular business days.(Mon-Fri)
For a list of costs associated with this click HERE.


Online Counselling can offer many benefits.

  1. Some clients who live in remote areas may have no other way of accessing treatment because there are no counsellors in their geographical area. Online counselling can offer these people access to counselling that they would otherwise not have.

  2. Some people have physical limitations that prevent them from attending an in-person counselling session. Using a wheel chair for example to get to a counselling session can be a very stressful experience.

  3. Online Counselling is usually much more affordable than in-person counselling. In-person counselling can range anywhere from $80 -$120 or more per session. Online services start at $75 per session which usually lasts about an hour.

  4. Online counselling can provide more privacy. I have clients who are dealing with addiction related issues and prefer not to be seen entering a public office. Others who are dealing with very private concerns prefer to remain in the comfort of their own environment rather than being seen in a counselling setting.

  5. Some people just prefer the comfort of their own home where they can sit and enjoy a coffee in their favourite chair. Sometimes it can be hard to get away if you have children etc.